Energy storage: always access to power

With the powerful Revolt Battery, you always have access to energy, even when the sun isn't shining or the wind isn't blowing. Are you facing high costs or long waiting times for a grid expansion? Or do you want to use the electricity you generate at a later time? Then energy storage is the solution. Revolt assists you in customising a battery system, without major investments or hassle.
⚡ Always an ample supply of power without costly power connection expansion
⚡ Seamless integration with charging stations and solar panels
⚡ Energy made easy, from installation to maintenance
🌱 Transition from gas to sustainable energy

The solution for a shortage of power

More than 20% of all businesses in the Netherlands experience power shortages. Factories can't operate at full capacity, office buildings can't connect to electricity, and electric delivery vans can't be charged. The result? Critical business processes are at risk, leading to revenue loss.

A battery stores energy when the supply exceeds demand and then releases this stored energy when demand exceeds supply. Therefore, it's the perfect solution for locations with limited grid connections, high peaks in energy consumption, or unused energy from solar panels. With energy storage, you'll never be left without power again.
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Energy storage as a Service

At Revolt, we understand that energy isn't your core business. That's why we offer batteries and charging stations in a hassle-free subscription model. We handle the investment in hardware, installation, and maintenance, while you only pay for the complete solution's usage.

The Revolt Battery is available for daily, weekly, monthly, or even semi-permanent use. You can get a complete battery solution with 245 kW of storage space for €7,500 per month. Contact us for a customized quote.
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All-in-one: energy made easy

‍With a battery subscription, the entire energy solution is taken care of for you. Our technical experts create an energy plan based on your grid capacity, charging stations, solar panels, and, of course, your preferences. We handle everything, from subsidy applications to installation and maintenance.
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4 smart applications

The power of the Battery

Island mode
Create an independent (off-grid) power grid.
Capture peaks in power usage to prevent grid failures and reduce costs.
Fast charging
Charge vehicles and facilities super fast.
Energy storage
Store self-generated power, save energy costs and sell energy to the grid.

A battery for every situation

Short-term rental: events and construction
The pressure to make events more sustainable is increasing, with more municipalities granting exclusive permits to environmentally friendly events. The Revolt Battery is the ideal solution for event venues and construction sites that temporarily need extra energy and want to say goodbye to polluting diesel generators.

Long-term rental: delivery services and logistics
Diesel vans will no longer be welcome in most Dutch city centers (zero-emission zones) from 2025. This is reason enough to switch to an electric fleet. Revolt's batteries enable you to rapidly charge all your electric vehicles, even with limited grid and charging capacity.
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  • Installation
    Our experienced technicians come to install the battery. We set up monitoring, and you gain access to our 24/7 support service.

A battery with fast charger for Schiphol Airport

Schiphol Airport charges its electric vehicle fleet with the help of a Revolt battery and DC fast charger. The airport faces a power shortage, limiting the charging options for the fleet of electric company vehicles on the premises.

With the 245 kW battery, Schiphol stores energy when demand is low and uses it during peak times to rapidly charge cars. This ensures that the power grid is not overloaded.

Thanks to this integrated charging and energy solution, there's always sufficient electricity to keep the vehicle fleet operational.