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As concern over climate change grows, electric vehicles have become an increasingly popular choice for both business and leisure mobility. As a property owner, a charging station will show your commitment to the environment while tapping into a growing “green” community of like-minded individuals.

Charging stations for the office and leisure

For many property owners, the high cost of purchasing a charging station is an instant turn-off — and we understand! That's why Revolt takes on the responsibility to invest in, install and maintain its stations, so you can focus on the things that matter most to you and your business.
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Advisery report

First want to know what the possibilities are? No problem, we like to think along with you with our advisery report. This consists of:
  • A site inspection: a measurement that maps the possibilities for installing charging facilities at your premises.
  • A technical scan: We look at your wishes, needs and future plans for the (electric) fleet. This will give you an insight into your current and future charging requirements. We then compare the required power capacity with the available capacity at the company premises, so that we can make an inventory of the steps to be taken in order to realise a charging solution.
  • An installation overview: lastly, the above is summarised in an installation plan. You will receive an overview of this plan, including a sketch of your future charging solution. In addition, the advice report contains information about the necessary infrastructural preparations to realise the charging solution.

The costs for the advisory report are 350 Euros. The report is free of charge when, after reading the advisory report, you choose our charging solution.

Charging stations at your building


  • 2 sockets with 11 or 22 kW output
  • Smart Charging & Load Balancing
  • Also available as a wall module
  • RFID reader (for scanning all charge cards and tags)
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  • 2 sockets with 11 or 22 kW output
  • Smart Charging & Load Balancing
  • RFID reader (for scanning all charge cards and tags)
  • Communicate with visitors
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