Charge your EV with clean energy anytime, everywhere

Choose our temporary mobile charger to charge your electric vehicle anywhere, anytime. Independent of the power grid and without the need to invest in expensive infrastructure. The perfect solution for construction sites, events or corporate fleets.

⚡ Solid design and easily transportable
⚡ Charge up to four vehicles simultaneously
⚡ We arrange everything for a fixed monthly charge
🌱 Help accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels
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Temporary charging solution for a fixed monthly charge

Our Mobile Charger is designed to provide you with EV charging points wherever you are. It is the perfect solution for locations where no charging stations or fixed power is available. This makes it ideal for use at construction sites, roadworks and other events where you need to temporarily charge EVs. And you don't have to invest in expensive charging infrastructure. The Mobile Charger provides you with the advantages of a fixed charging solution, with the flexibility of a mobile battery.

The Mobile Charger is a portable partner that you can move from location to location to power all your electric vehicles. Its body is equipped with cutouts, allowing for easy transportation of the battery using a forklift, truck crane or hand truck. The sides are protected by industrial bumpers to withstand heavy-duty work.
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The power of the Mobile Charger

Four charging points
Charge up to four vehicles simultaneously and in record time.
Industrial bumpers protect the charger while moving.
Fast charging
Use the charger to quickly charge electric vehicles.
Extra mobile
Move the charger easily with a truck or forklift.
"Our switch to renewable energy was simple and stress-free, thanks to Revolt. The charging solutions are exceptionally user-friendly, and we appreciate Revolt's transparency with installation and maintenance included in the subscription, leaving no hidden costs."
Sjoerd Douma
Quality affairs coordinator
International Wellness Resorts
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    After your consultation, we’ll create a custom proposal and share it with you.
  • Agreement and placement
    Once you agree with our proposal, we’ll deliver the Mobile Charger on your preferred date and time.
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