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An all-in-one
solution to charge
and advertise

The Hub is a solution like no other. With the latest charging technology and built-in 4K screens, you can reach and engage with audiences in a place where they spend time, plus tailor the content to the moment and location.
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Easy, efficient and cost-effective

The content on the screens is always available and adaptable, so each visitor’s experience remains personal and current. Start with a welcome message, use the space to inform about events, or tap into our premium media network. Plus, with effective advertising you can offset your costs to as little as 0 euro per month.

Powerful, cutting-edge design

Created for both convenience and sustainability, the stainless steel chargers and 4K screens have a sleek appearance that's suitable in any environment.

Power of Revolt Hub

Screen power
Engage and communicate with visitors from the moment they arrive.
Advertising opportunities
Change your ads throughout the day, depending on upcoming events, new messages or moments of interest.
Revolt Hub met mediascherm voor advertenties en twee laadpunten
Twice as nice
Each Hub is equipped with two EV charging points at 11 or 22 kW.
The newest technology
Each Hub is designed with smart charging and load balancing.

Advertising with
an impact

To ensure maximum impact, advertising is carefully curated so that no competitors are shown on the same Hub. Each advertiser can choose the content they want to present, to ensure it’s always aligned with visitors and target audiences.
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Charging solutions

Where do you want to charge?

Office charging

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Foto van de Revolt One met daarnaast een Renault Zoë

Destination charging

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Man doet de wingdoor van Tesla Model X dicht en staat naast de Revolt One met een laadkabel in zijn hand

Property charging

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Foto van gebouw in Amsterdam

Frequently asked questions

What is a charging solution?

A charging solution is a service that includes everything involved in realising a charging facility, such as installation and maintenance.

How can I get in touch with Revolt?

You can contact us in several ways. Click here for the possibilities.

Can I become a Revolt customer as a private individual?

No, our all-in-one charging solution is a business service. However, it is possible for private individuals to charge at our charging stations.

What should I do if the charging station indicates a malfunction?

There is a telephone number on the charging station to report malfunctions. The number is available 24 hours a day.

Can I advertise on the network of Revolt?

Yes, that is possible. For more information click here.

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