We are very sorry that you have come to this page. We therefore do everything we can to resolve your complaint. Do you have a complaint about a charging station? Then we ask you to contact our service partner directly via telephone number +31(0)850 200 904. Do you have another complaint? Please follow the following steps:

1. Fill in the complaint form

In order to properly handle your complaint, we ask you to fill in the complain-form below. As soon as we have received your complaint, we will deal with it immediately.

2. Describe your complaint

Tell us clearly what your complaint is and how you think we can best solve it. If the complaint concerns a charging station, we ask you to state the location of the charging station.

3. Information flow

When we have received and processed your complaint, we will inform you about the status of the complaint. Not all complaints are resolved equally quickly, so we would like to keep you informed! We take your complaint very seriously, in any case you will receive a response about the follow-up of the complaint no later than the next working day.

4. Solution

We ensure that we offer you a suitable solution within our power and regulations.

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