Dec 2021

Client Case: ANWB Rijopleidingen

Electric driving is the future for the ANWB and as the largest national provider of driving lessons with electric cars, in line with the ambition to be climate neutral by 2030.
Client Case: ANWB Rijopleidingen

Working together for a green future

Since the summer of 2020, ANWB Rijopleidingen has been working together with Revolt in its mission to make driving lessons 100% electric. At the moment, 10 different ANWB Rijopleiding locations have REVOLT charging stations, with the ambition to eventually offer fully electric driving lessons at all locations.

Right charging solution

With the arrival of the first electric training vehicles at various ANWB driving training locations, the question also arises, what is the right charging solution? “The transition to an electric fleet of lessons involves much more than just leasing electric cars.” says Casper Wassenberg, Manager Operations at ANWB Rijopleidingen. “For example, it had to be examined per location what is needed to realize the charging facilities and what adjustments are needed to be ready for the arrival of more electric cars in the future. The biggest challenge for us was the purchase of charging stations, because a large investment was not an option for almost all locations.”

The Revolt solution has made the process a lot easier.” says Mario Renirie of ANWB Nieuwegein. “Because we no longer have to invest in charging stations ourselves, we now use the Revolt charging station subscription for a fixed amount per month. This includes installation, maintenance and service such as smart charging.” For the ANWB, the difference between REVOLT's solution lies mainly in the fact that it is not a lease construction, but a subscription aimed at convenience and sustainability.

Latest technology

With the first electric Volkswagen ID.3 training cars, the ANWB is taking a major step towards structurally reducing the CO2 footprint. In the coming years there will be more and more new electric models and with them new charging technologies such as bidirectional and fast charging. With the REVOLT solution, the ANWB can be sure that they will have access to the latest charging technology in a few years' time without having to invest.


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